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Security for your critical website
DoS protection, GeoIP blocking, Layer 7 firewalling and more. Snapt WAF protects and secures your website in seconds.

Protect your users

Protect your users from XSS and on-page exploits, while ensuring they continue to get your content – even when your site is under attack. Test our free trial!

Handle bursts

Snapt processes hundreds of thousands of requests per second. Block out the bad and keep the good. Integrate with the Snapt Accelerator to offload servers as well!

Layer 7 Scan

Snapt looks at the actual HTTP requests coming in to check for SQL injections, cross-site scripting, and much more. Your firewall is letting everything through; now analyze it!

In simple terms…

What is a web application firewall and why do I need one?

The first thing you do on a firewall is open port 80 and port 443 – HTTP and HTTPS. While the firewall may protect you from other threats, 90% of the problems with hacks and intrusions facing businesses today are web-based.

Snapt’s philosophy is to scan that web traffic to make sure it is a proper request and is not trying to break into your website or exploit an innocent user. We scan the full request that comes in and analyze it against what people should be asking for.

We then make our own entirely new request to your web server to ask for that data, and pass the data back to the user who requested it. Potential threats never connect directly to your server!


Snapt WAF is part of the Snapt ADC suite, including a full Layer 7 load balancer, web accelerator and web application firewall. If you have a business- critical website or service, you need Snapt.

Layer 7 engine blocks threats coming in via HTTP and HTTPS

Block users by IP, blacklists or geographic location

Limit requests per second and prevent DoS attacks

Protect servers with complete request proxying

Prevent hotlinking, spam, captcha-bots and more


Snapt’s ActiveThreat is a proactive prevention system. A constantly monitored and updated list completely blocks communication to your servers and discovery of your origin servers from spam servers, botnets and known attackers

Geo Blocking

Snapt allows you to block entire countries from accessing your servers, or whitelist certain ones and block the rest. Are you under attack from a foreign network? Do you want to block all anonymous proxies? We also allow IP address or range blocking.


Snapt never forwards data to your origin servers – we proxy every request. That means we accept the entire HTTP request and send a new request to your web servers – potential attackers are never in direct communication.


Watch our brief WAF introduction video to see the product and learn about some of the features. When you’re ready, get a free trial and test it yourself.

Interested in watching other Snapt videos? Head over to our YouTube Channel to keep learning and experimenting!

Snapt will change your website! Let’s get started…