Surviving and Thriving on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

The Snapt ADC is the ultimate solution to scaling and improving your website. This guide will help to ensure you are ready!


Black Friday arrives in:

Time is running out to get prepared! Get your free trial of the Snapt ADC to ensure your infrastructure is ready.

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What is Snapt?

Snapt is the load balancer, web accelerator and WAF that's going to supercharge your network.

Snapt ensures your site stays online, performs faster, and is secure. It can be deployed on any VM or Linux server, and we offer a free trial of the product.

Getting Ready – Your Priorities

Use this time to prepare so you get the most out of Black Friday. These are your top priorities:

Deploy an intelligent
load balancer

Snapt understands HTTP/S traffic and can manage millions of users who need to get to your fastest servers. We handle down time, and monitor the performance of your servers.

Accelerate and offload
your website

Snapt will get your web pages to your users much faster, and reduce the load on your web servers by 40-70%. This ensures they spend time handling sales, not wasting resources.

Benchmark your
new infrastructure

Snapt can assist with benchmarking and evaluating your set-up. We have skilled domain experts ready to help you optimize. Did you know that Target uses Snapt?

Relax and reap
the rewards

Snapt typically sees conversions increase by 10-25% after a proper ADC deployment. Instead of fearing down time, you should be focused on reaping further rewards!

Analyze your website

Quickly check what speed, SEO and website optimizations are available for your site.

Page speed matters
and it's business critical today.

Everyone understands wanting a page to be quicker. But it's about far more than changing a website from 10 seconds to 5 seconds.

Snapt does this with ease; the real focus is getting small improvements on already highly optimized websites. Changing from 3 seconds to 2 seconds per page can reduce your user abandonment by up to 25% – on every page!

More than half your users will leave your website if it takes over 4 seconds to load!

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Download our guide and ensure you are ready!

Learn about ADC, where you should focus your preparation, and more.

What will you learn?

The free Snapt Black Friday guide focuses on four main areas:

How to offload webservers: Your webservers are spending a huge amount of time doing things other than the raw web request.
How to prevent overloading: ADC’s can handle large bursts of traffic, and can reject users if it comes to it.
How to speed up your page loads: More than half your users will leave your website if it takes more than 4 seconds to load!
How to handle downtime and failures: What do to in the event that your system does fail...

and much more. Download it for free with the button below.