Professional Services

Snapt is a Gartner-recognized application delivery firm, working with thousands of clients globally and ensuring uptime for over 10,000 applications. Our expert engineers provide managed services for SecOps, load testing, and Snapt deployment.

Snapt SecOps

Our SecOps service takes the challenge out of monitoring, auditing, and securing your applications.

Vulnerability Scanning

We will monitor and test your applications automatically to detect security risks and vulnerabilities, including compliance issues and OWASP Top 10 threats.

End-To-End Application Security

We will scan and audit any website, service, API, e-commerce app, and external or internal endpoints, providing security through the whole app ecosystem.

Reporting and Consultation

We will produce a monthly vulnerability report, with best practices to mitigate risks. Your personal security engineer will audit the report and explain it to you.
Snapt SecOps Service

Snapt LoadTest

Our LoadTest service takes the challenge out of stress-testing your applications.

High Scale Virtual Users

We use our high-capacity testing network to create hundreds, thousands, or millions of simultaneous virtual users from up to eight locations around the world allowing you to truly test large-scale events.

Realistic User Behavior

We simulate realistic user behavior, including page browsing, user login, adding items to a shopping cart, and checking out a purchase. Our virtual users load all images, stylesheets, JavaScript, and content your site requires.

Reporting and Consultation

We will produce a comprehensive report after every test, identifying the peak capacity and stress points in your application. Your personal load engineer will audit the report, explain it to you, and recommend fixes.
Snapt LoadTest Service

Snapt BootStrap

Our BootStrap service for our ADC customers reduces the load on your team and ensures you see the most benefit from your Snapt system.

Installation, Configuration, and Validation

We will install/upgrade and configure a single or high availability (HA) Snapt system that is production-ready. We will validate that the installation or upgrade was successful and that the system is functional.

Knowledge Transfer

We will hold a hands-on training session with you, with optional assessment and certification in using Snapt products. We will provide comprehensive documentation and review it with you.

Performance Testing and Optimization

We will simulate normal and peak workloads based on predefined traffic patterns in non-production environments. Your deployment engineer will optimize your Snapt system to ensure the best performance.
Snapt BootStrap Service