Load Testing

Our LoadTest service takes the challenge out of stress-testing your applications.

How does Snapt LoadTest work?

High Scale Virtual Users

We use our high-capacity testing network to create hundreds, thousands, or millions of simultaneous virtual users from up to eight locations around the world allowing you to truly test large scale events.

Realistic User Behavior

We simulate realistic user behavior, including page browsing, user login, adding items to a shopping cart, and checking out a purchase. Our virtual users load all images, stylesheets, JavaScript, and content your site requires.

Reporting and Consultation

We will produce a comprehensive report after every test, identifying the peak capacity and stress points in your application. Your personal load engineer will audit the report, explain it to you, and recommend fixes.

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Why Snapt LoadTest?

Organizations of all sizes, with any kind of website, application, ecommerce store, or API, can reduce exposure to risk, protect revenue, and build customer confidence with load testing from Snapt.

Realistic Scale

We can cost-effectively simulate millions of SSL-enabled virtual users from multiple geographies that behave like real clients – including ecommerce checkout.


Personal Touch

We provide a personal load engineer who will design a custom test plan, verify your reports, and help you to optimize your applications.

Trusted Experts

We provide uptime and performance for critical apps under stress. From NASA to Target, our experts can help you to manage the load.



Load Testing For Businesses Of All Sizes

Please contact us to discuss your load testing needs. The table below summarizes our typical pricing.



  • Up to 5,000 virtual users.
  • Design of 1 test case.
  • Up to 10 re-tests.


Most popular

Most popular


  • Up to 50,000 virtual users.
  • Design of 3 test cases.
  • Up to 20 re-tests.



  • Up to 250,000 virtual users.
  • Design of 5 test cases.
  • Up to 30 re-tests.



  • Up to 4,000,000 virtual users.
  • Design of 10 test cases.
  • Up to 50 re-tests.

Need More? Try Our Load Balancing and Web Acceleration.

Supplement your LoadTest service with the world's most advanced load balancer and web accelerator from Snapt.

Nova is a centrally controlled Layer 7 intelligent load balancer for distributed deployments, scalable applications, multi-cloud, and agile DevOps teams.

Nova load balancers can deploy to millions of nodes and process millions of SSL TPS. Nothing handles scale like Nova.


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