Managed Deployment

Accelerating Your Snapt Deployment

Snapt Managed Deployment service for installing, configuring, and optimizing your Snapt Aria and Snapt Nova systems.

How does Snapt Managed Deployment work?

Our Managed Deployment reduces the load on your team and ensures you see the most benefit from your Snapt system.

Installation, Configuration, and Validation

We will install/upgrade and configure a single or high availability (HA) Snapt system that is production-ready. We will validate that the installation or upgrade was successful and that the system is functional.

Knowledge Transfer

We will hold a hands-on training session with you, with optional assessment and certification in using Snapt products. We will provide comprehensive documentation and review it with you.

Performance Testing and Optimization

We will simulate normal and peak workloads based on predefined traffic patterns in non-production environments. Your deployment engineer will optimize your Snapt system to ensure the best performance.

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QuickStart $1,500 Basic $5000 Standard $10,000
Discovery and assessment
Pre-planning workshops will be conducted with the customer to obtain an understanding of the existing infrastructure and plan ADC integration.
Installation and configuration of ADC
Backends Up to 5 Up to 20 TBD
During this step Snapt will design the ADC configuration based on information gathered in the discovery phase. The ADC components will be installed, tested and updated as current best practices dictate. The following will be completed by Snapt.
Load-balancing – Snapt will deploy Load Balancer and test application availability.
Web Acceleration – Snapt will confirm accelerator is working as configured.(if applicable)
Web Application Firewall – Snapt will deploy WAF and complete a basic set of tests. (if applicable)
HA Configuration and Fail-over Scenario Testing
During this phase Snapt will ensure ADC functions continue to operate on Node failure by completing the following tasks. Redundancy setup
not included
Deploy a minimum of two ADCs to provide Active/Standby configuration.
Test and document failure scenarios.
Performance Testing
Optimize Load Balancer and Accelerator configs.
ADC resource recommendations based on load-tests.
Knowledge Transfer
Snapt will do a hands on training session up to a maximum of 2 hours for the customer team as well as include them in the process of setting up the ADC(s) during the project.
Documentation review.
Includes Snapt Aria/Nova Foundations Training
Security Assessment
Security management activities shall be performed within the scope of the Service to comply with the customer's security standards. Vulnerability scans be conducted on, and will be limited to, 5 customer web applications and results will be consolidated into a single security assessment report. These scans will be run twice within the same year. The following will be evaluated:
Code injection
Stealing of identification
ADC management access control
Exposed configurations
Full Enumeration
Leaked company credentials/information

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