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All Snapt licenses include our full and free redundancy plugin. Floating virtual IP addresses and configuration replication enable true high availability.
Snapt Redundancy is an active/passive solution, where traffic only flows through the designated master device.

Snapt solutions sit in an integral part of the network, and are always key components of your users’ experience. We have therefore designed the system to be redundant from the ground up.

Snapt offers one of the only solutions which allows an unlimited number of standby devices, with an unlimited number of floating virtual IP addresses. Snapt’s redundancy ensures zero downtime in the event of a software or hardware failure on your web accelerator, ADC or load balancer.

STAY ONLINE, 24/7/365.

Snapt Redundancy is a total high-availability solution for all the Snapt modules.

Unlimited floating virtual IP addresses and subnets

Multiple failures allowed through 1+N design

Fully automated config replication

Easy to manage and set up

Frequently asked questions

Snapt Redundancy is an active/passive solution – the norm for products in our space. They share state tables information and maintain session stickiness. We also support having DNS load balanced nodes in multiple HA set-ups.
Up to 255. A standard set-up would be 2 Snapt servers, but in HA environments with extreme requirements, 3 can be used.
We support full manual configuration backup/restores, as well as automated mirroring.
All of them – the Balancer, Accelerator, WAF and Cache.
Less than a second – it’s extremely fast and cannot be measured by a human operator. We invite you to test it yourself. Redundancy is included in all our packages.
Unlimited. There is no reasonable limit on the number of IPs you can float, or the number of services that can flow through it.

It’s included in all our redundancy bundles for free, which include 2 Snapt licenses for your chosen product. They are available at the client site shop.
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