Security For Your Business-Critical Apps

Snapt SecOps is a managed service for verifying and ensuring the security of your external and internal business-critical applications.

How does Snapt SecOps work?

Our SecOps service takes the challenge out of monitoring, auditing, and securing your applications.

Vulnerability Scanning

We will monitor and test your applications automatically to detect security risks and vulnerabilities, including compliance issues and OWASP Top 10 threats.

End-To-End Application Security

We will scan and audit any website, service, API, ecommerce app, and external or internal endpoints, providing security through the whole app ecosystem.

Reporting and Consultation

We will produce a monthly vulnerability report, with best practices to mitigate risks. Your personal security engineer will audit the report and explain it to you.

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Why Snapt SecOps?

Organizations of all sizes, with any kind of application, endpoint, or API, can reduce exposure to risk, protect their brand, and build customer confidence with managed security from Snapt.

Advanced Automation

We use automated enterprise security software to scan your applications, to ensure we detect the latest risks and most sophisticated vulnerabilities.

Personal Touch

We provide a personal security engineer who will verify your reports, manage your assets and tests, and help ensure your compliance and certification.

Trusted Experts

We provide critical protection against millions of threats a day. From NASA to Target, start-ups to governments, our experts can help to manage your risks.


SecOps For Businesses Of All Sizes

Please contact us to discuss your security needs. The table below summarizes our typical pricing.


$300 /month

Perfect for smaller businesses with limited assets, Snapt scans each asset once per month with engineer consultation and auditing of the results.

  • $300 per asset per month
  • $1000 onboarding fee
  • Full managed design of tests


Most popular

Most popular

$500 /month

Snapt provides monthly asset scans and passive monitoring throughout the month for any 0day vulnerabilities. A dedicated engineer will manage your account and explain risks to you, as well as being available for monthly consultations.

  • $500 per asset per month
  • $2000 onboarding fee
  • Dedicated engineer test design


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On-demand scanning of any number of assets with consultation on results. Optional manual penetration testing and security auditing. Any number of assets can be scanned as well as passively monitored as needed.

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Need More? Try Our Application Firewall and Threat Intelligence.

Supplement your SecOps managed security with the world's most advanced application firewall and threat intelligence network from Snapt.

Nova is an ML-powered hyperscale ADC providing unmatched scale, resilience, and smarts. Nova’s real-time insight and control, and ML-powered threat response, enable more efficient operations, effective decision-making, and improved security and risk management.

NovaSense is an ML-powered global threat intelligence network ingesting multiple threat sources, enriching and scoring the threat data using AI analysis, and integrating with SIEM and ADC platforms for accurate real-time protection and predictive alerting.


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