Application Intelligence and Automation

As endpoints increase dramatically, the scale of managing and securing your applications grows exponentially. To overcome this, and embrace true hyperscale, your application delivery fabric must be intelligent and automated.

Snapt Nova is a centralized application delivery platform architected to move deployment, management, and monitoring of ADCs to the control plane where intelligent automation at scale is easily accomplished.

Nova is powered by the patent-pending Panther Hive technology: the Machine Learning Engine and AI that powers our application intelligence for traffic profiling, predictive analytics, anomaly and threat detection, and lightning-quick autonomous reactions.

Unlike other ADCs, Nova's centralized Cloud Controller treats ADCs as services not servers, making it easier than ever to automate the creation, deployment, configuration, and control of ADCs across your network.

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Key Information

Self-Driving Network

Nova is architected to let your network drive itself using real-time telemetry, Machine Learning, AI, automation and other techniques. Nova automates scale-out, scale-in, self-repair and security.

Security Intelligence

Nova automatically mitigates DDoS attacks with ML-driven dynamic reactions to actual traffic flows. Centralized blacklists, whitelists, rulesets, rate limits and more enforce security across your network.

Stateless “Worker” ADCs

Nova’s design moves the ADC value from he data-plane to the control-plane, so Nova ADCs exist as services not servers. They have no state, enabling automatic scaling, configuration and routing without limitation.

Dynamic Service Discovery and Rest API

REST APIs, native Kubernetes service-discovery and more enable your DevOps teams to easily automate app deployments and management.

Centralized Security Orchestration

Nova’s patent-pending communications technology enables real-time telemetry that feeds Nova’s AI security engine.

Nova processes data from all connected Nodes in real-time and uses predictive analytics to inform intelligent security and make your environment and applications safer. It mitigates Denial of Service attacks with flexible and ML-driven dynamic reactions to traffic.

Centralized Security Orchestration - Nova Threat Center Dashboard

Fast, Flexible and Automated Configuration

Revolutionary Control Plane and Data Plane architecture.

Nova sees your whole network in real-time and takes direct control of connected Nova Nodes with near-zero latency. This enables powerful and instant actions across your network from a single centralized control point.

Create, monitor, scale, repair and shut down Nova ADCs automatically. Configure your own automation rules or allow Nova's AI to scale, secure and optimize your network autonomously.

Store all your configuration files, rulesets, etc. centrally to automate deployments anywhere.

Automated Configuration - http analysis Dashboard

Automated AI-Based Global Traffic Routing

Intelligent geographical awareness increases performance and availability.

Nova Destinations are GSLB completely reimagined. They provide a global on-platform intelligent GSLB for routing traffic to the most efficient nodes on any cloud or any platform. Nova monitors node health and performance as well as traffic patterns to determine the best resource location for each client.

Automated Global Traffic Routing - Nova Threat Center Dashboard

Empowered DevOps Teams

Give DevOps and IT Ops teams precise control of your application infrastructure, including a full REST API for alerts, ruleset changes and more.

Nova can integrate with your CI/CD pipeline based on application loads. Automated analytics provide actionable insights and end-to-end visibility.

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