Application Observability

Leading-edge reporting and visibility. Insight into your application health and performance like never before.

Snapt Nova is a centralized application delivery platform with real-time bi-directional communication between Nova ADCs and the central Nova Cloud Controller. This enables real-time telemetry, alerts, and predictive analytics like no other ADC on the market. 

Snapt Aria software ADCs (Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB) monitor latency, response times, error rates, server loads, HTTP/S errors, and far more so you can effectively monitor business-critical services in traditional architectures.

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Key Information

Industry Leading Observability Driven by Real-Time Telemetry

Patent pending Panther communication technology enables near instant communications between ADCs for unparalleled observability.

Whole Network Analytics and Rich Insights in a Single View

Snapt’s ADC platforms provides deep and insightful metrics and analytics from your whole network in one convenient UI optimized for application delivery.

Machine Learning and AI Turn Data Into Action

Snapt Nova's Panther Hive AI technology uses Machine Learning, AI, automation and other techniques for autoscaling, automated configuration and enhanced security.

Monitor ADCs, applications and their environments

Keep track of everything with performance dashboards.

Gain total observability of your network and application delivery pipeline. Nova monitors everything, on every connected node, across all environments, and aggregates the data in one location.

From all this data, Nova develops profiles and patterns, enabling it to detect threats, anomalies, bottlenecks and service degradation as they develop.

Nova processes vast quantities of data every second. Reporting dashboards give you convenient visual insight into application health and performance.

Monitor ADCs - Nova ADCs Dashboard

Fast, Flexible and Automated Configuration

Application visibility enables superior automation.

Nova sees your whole network in real-time and takes direct control of connected Nova Nodes with near-zero latency. This enables powerful and instant actions across your network from a single centralized control point.

Create, monitor, scale, repair and shut down Nova ADCs with a single click or automatically as necessary, saving time and money.

Store all your configuration files, rulesets, etc. centrally to automate deployments anywhere.

Give DevOps and IT Ops teams precise control of your application infrastructure, including a full API for alerts, ruleset changes and more.

Automated Configuration - Node View Dashboard

Data-Driven Global Traffic Routing

Intelligent geographical awareness increases performance and availability.

Nova Destinations are GSLB completely reimagined. They provide a global on-platform intelligent GSLB for routing traffic to the most efficient nodes on any cloud or any platform. Nova monitors node health and performance as well as traffic patterns to determine the best resource location for each client.

Global Traffic Routing - http-analysis Dashboard

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