Application Performance

Intelligently increase performance and availability of business-critical applications with Snapt Nova or Snapt Aria ADCs.

Snapt’s software and cloud-native load balancers optimize the traffic flow in both traditional application deployment architectures (per environment north-south traffic) and microservices-based architectures (per application east-west traffic). 

Our app performance acceleration technology provides a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5x decrease in the time taken to load websites.

Enabled by either Snapt Nova or Snapt Aria ADC platforms.

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application performance

Key Information

Convert More, Compete Better

Conversions, sales and repeat customers all go up if your website performs better than the competition. Snapt gives you A+ PageSpeed and A+ SSL rankings, giving you the advantage.

High Performance Technology

We love fast. Our app performance acceleration technology enables customers to achieve a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5x decrease in the time taken to load websites.

Improve Site Speed and Load Times

Accelerate your website with our powerful HTTP/S web accelerator providing server offloading, flexible content caching, content rewriting and minifying.

Survive Traffic Spikes

Traffic spikes happen, sometimes unexpectedly, reducing performance for end users. Snapt can balance the load, scale intelligently, and reduce the number of requests and the bandwidth required.

Global Server Load Balancing

Improve application performance and availability by routing user traffic to the closest or fastest endpoint — whether physical, virtual, or cloud environment.

Reliable Connectivity and DNS

DNS queries are essential to web traffic management queries. Issues with DNS systems can result in a host of performance problems. Snapt ensures your services are online before sending responses to DNS queries.

Visibility and Analytics

Deep application performance metrics and reporting. Understand your traffic and app performance better, with actionable insights.

SSL Termination and Caching

Terminate SSL to offload your servers, or re-encode to enhance application performance. High speed caching – load balance 1 to millions of SSL TPS.

Increase web application performance, improve end user experience

Don't let poor web and application performance drag you down.

Performance affects your users' experience, and therefore affects their engagement and likelihood to convert and buy. 79% of customers who are dissatisfied with website performance are less likely
to buy from that site again. 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Focusing on high performance is good for your bottom line.

web application performance

Find the shortest route and the best performance

Snapt Aria and Snapt Nova Load Balancers automatically route traffic to the best available resource.

Snapt is geographically aware and will route traffic to the closest resource, whether on-premises or off, eliminating slow response times.

Snapt continually monitors server performance. If the closest resource is slow, it will route traffic to the next-closest resource.

web application performance

Powerful Web Acceleration

Accelerate your website with our powerful HTTP/S web acceleration to offload your servers, improve page load times and get A+ SSL ratings.

  • Offload your servers and decrease website load times with the high-speed caching system
  • Automatically rewrite your content to minify, compress and re-encode, resulting in a drastic speed increase
  • Terminate SSL to offload your servers, or re-encode it after optimization
  • Intelligently adjust expiry times, content settings, compression and more with minimal effort
  • Transparently supercharge your site with full HTTP/2 support and A+ SSL ratings.
web application performance

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