Application Security

Intelligently reduce security risk across hybrid deployment environments.

Snapt's cloud-native Web Application Firewall secures traffic and services in both traditional application deployment architectures (per environment, north-south traffic) and microservices-based architectures (per application, east-west traffic).

Layer 7 security across any application deployment environment: VMs, cloud, edge, and containers. Protect against DoS, threats, botnets, and application attacks.

Our Machine Learning Engine uses predictive analytics and AI-based autonomous decision-making to automatically secure your application.

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Key Information

Cross-Platform Security for All Architectures

Secure  microservices, websites and APIs in any combination of VMs, containers and clouds. Supports traditional per-environment, per-app and hybrid architectures.

Layered Application and Web Security

Multiple layers of defence for your application with authentication, access management and GSLB built-in to every ADC. 

Advanced Protection for Web, Apps and APIs

Defend against bots, scrapers, data leaks, spammers, SQL injections, XSS attacks, denial of service and much more.

Your Security Compliance Checklist Covered

Full PCI-compliant WAF with protection against OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities.

Intelligent Application Firewalling

Nova's WAF operates at Layer 7. That means intelligent, high-performance security with incredible analytics, anomaly and threat detection.

Nova’s patent pending communications technology enables real-time telemetry that feeds Nova’s AI security engine. The Nova WAF protects against bots, scrapers, data leaks, spammers, SQL injections, XSS attacks, denial of service and much more.

  • Automatic A+ SSL: ensure your SSL is as secure as possible, keeping your users data safe.
  • Intelligent HTTP/S Security: Nova ADCs include the powerful Nova security suite, protecting against DoS, threats, botnets, and application attacks, and powered by ML.
  • Protect against common vulnerabilities: Easy-to-use OWASP Top 10 protection for all your VMs, Cloud servers and containers.
web application security

Easy and flexible central security configuration

You can enable Nova's WAF on any HTTP/S Nova ADC with a single click of a button, and it is easy to use and manage.

Enable your DevOps and IT Ops teams to have precise control of security and monitoring of your modern infrastructure, including a full API for alerts, ruleset changes and more.

central security configuration waf profile

Detailed Logging and Analytics

Get detailed statistics and logs for your security.

This data is also fed into Nova ADC to make routing and weighting decisions for your Nova Nodes, and to prepare to scale out if necessary.

Nova automatically profiles traffic to block bad-actors and prevent DoS attacks.

Detailed Logging and Analytics - Nova UI

Automated Best Practices in Security

Automatically and transparently alter traffic as it leaves your network to ensure maximum security.

Processing over 12,000 SSL TPS, Nova ADCs can automatically secure cookies, add stricter headers, prevent referrer leaking and much, much more.

Nova is built for HTTP/S performance, scalability, and security.

Nova Threat Center Dashboard

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