E-Commerce Load Balancer and ADC

Snapt's software and cloud native ADCs (Load Balancer, Web Acceleration and WAF) enhance your e-commerce site and boost revenue with blazing fast performance, no downtime, and protection against security breaches and fraud.

Your website is vital to your bottom line. A 1-second lag in page load time will result in lost sales. Studies have revealed that 79% of customers who are dissatisfied with website performance are unlikely to buy and that 40% of users will abandon a slow loading website.

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e-commerce load balancer

Key Information

Decreases Downtime

Snapt provides increased redundancy and high availability, maintains uptime during traffic surges and detects anomalies before your site goes down.

Increases Site Performance

Snapt accelerates your website by 50-80% on average, with automatic compression, minifying, and SSL offloading.

Designed for Scalability

Internet traffic rose 40% in March 2020. Snapt helps your business meet demand with real-time automated scaling, multi-cloud support and flexible licensing.

Security is Key

E-Commerce companies need robust security. Snapt’s ADCs and WAF protect your site and users from DDOS attacks, SQL injections, cross-site scripting, data leaks and BOTs/script blocking.

Application Delivery Control for E-Commerce

All-in-one Load Balancer, Web Accelerator and Web Application Firewall


We love fast! Improve load times and page speeds with Snapt’s Web Accelerator.

Conversions, sales and repeat customers increase when your website performs better than the competition. Snapt gives you A+ PageSpeed and A+ SSL rankings, giving you the advantage. Our app performance acceleration technology enables customers to achieve a 50-70% reduction in web requests and a 2-5x decrease in the time taken to load websites.

Offload SSL, re-write, cache and compress content for best performance.

Snapt’s application delivery technology caches content (static and dynamic) to reduce the number of requests going to your web servers, which means that content is delivered to users faster. Snapt ADCs also compress content and offload SSL traffic, speeding and securing your end user experience.

Secure your website and web apps with Snapt’s WAF Web Application Firewall.

An ADC provides a protective layer around your site to ensure your business is always up and running, and growth is not hindered. It mitigates DoS attacks; monitors for SQL injections, data leaks and intrusion attempts; and blocks spammers, bots and scripts from interfering with your website. It performs geographic as well as IP blocking so that you can block traffic from specific countries or IP addresses when necessary.

Build Global E-Commerce Resilience

Snapt’s best-in-class Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) network has 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure that you are ready for multiple cloud regions and automatic failover at no extra cost.

Control Cloud Costs

Running in multiple clouds and responding to changing demand can result in escalating costs and overprovisioning.  Snapt can distribute load between multiple clouds, easily scale-out resources in the cheapest connected cloud provider and scale-in where resources become more expensive.