Enhance your HAProxy Load Balancer

An easy-to-use and powerful user interface for HAProxy to speed up tasks, improve management, and unlock HAProxy’s potential.

Snapt Aria can be installed on top of your existing haproxy.cfg and import and manage it directly, or create an entirely new one. Manage HAProxy how you want, while adding additional management, reports, alerts, live dashboards, and more!

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All Your Data, At Your Fingertips

Now anyone can manage and configure HAProxy, collect detailed reporting information, add hundreds of visibility metrics and performance graphs, and add a full suite of alerting and monitoring capabilities.

Integrate Snapt with your existing HAProxy to start monitoring immediately or set up an entirely new installation.

“ Snapt doesn't just treat you like a customer – they make you feel like you are a real partner. They truly want you to succeed. ”
BetTech, Head of Professional Services

How to get started with Aria?

Existing Or New Installation

Load Snapt onto your Linux server running HAProxy, and Snapt will automatically integrate with your haproxy.cfg and be live in minutes. If you're not already running HAProxy, you can start with a brand new installation.

Configure Your Load Balancer

Easily create HAProxy load balancer groups, replicate their configurations, set up redundancy, and configure alerts and monitoring for your servers. Invite your team, and simplify your process.

Monitor And Visualize

Snapt provides hundreds of metrics to monitor the performance of HAProxy and the uptime and speed of servers. Then you can run reports on your data, and visualize your performance.

Configuration Made Easy

Snapt lets you control all parts of your HAProxy installation. Whether you are a power user or just getting started, Snapt will speed up your job and improve your load balancing configuration. You can create and edit frontends, backends, and listen groups. You can also edit ACLs, view logs, monitor throughput, and more.

Added to that, you can continue to edit your raw haproxy.cfg file as you see fit. The user interface automatically updates and syncs the configuration, so you can use your existing workflows.


24/7/365 SLA-Backed Support For Snapt And HAProxy

Snapt's support is legendary – and our GUI for HAProxy enjoys the same service.

Anywhere in the world, any time of the day, Snapt is available to assist. That includes the underlying Linux OS, HAProxy itself, and the Snapt product - we support the full stack!

Did you know? Snapt's average support response time in the last 12 months is under 2 minutes.


Level-Up Your HAProxy

Snapt Aria is a powerful web interface for managing, monitoring, and configuring HAProxy.

Full Configuration UI

Manage your full haproxy.cfg file with Snapt, easily making changes, updating configs, logging details.

Invite Your Team

Share access to configuration management, reports access, dashboarding and error monitoring without SSH.


Snapt adds a full reporting system to HAProxy, with graphs, dashboards, exports, and more.

Discover Powerful Features

Snapt brings the deep and complex functionality of HAProxy to the surface, with an easy web interface.

Include WAF, Acceleration

Optionally turn on the Snapt WAF and Content Acceleration modules to enhance your load balancer.

Full API For HAProxy

Snapt provides a full API for all it's functions, allowing you to get metrics and change configs for HAProxy.

Easy Lets Encrypt

Snapt provides easy Lets Encrypt integration to handle all your certificates and renewals.

And Much More!

Snapt adds thousands of features and options to HAProxy, and offers a full trial. Get started today!

GUI For HAProxy Pricing

Fair, transparent, scalable pricing

Aria is the next-gen ADC (Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB) with flexible pricing that suits your business.


$113 /month

Aria Essential is the easiest way to get started with our powerful, full-featured ADC.

  • Full ADC, Layer 7 Load Balancer, WAF, Web Accelerator, GSLB
  • 5 Upstreams
  • 10,000 Connections
  • 200Mbps Throughput
  • Hard-capped limits
Monthly Pricing


Most popular

Most popular

$163 /month

Aria Growth provides significantly more capacity for growing businesses.

  • Full ADC, Layer 7 Load Balancer, WAF, Web Accelerator, GSLB
  • 30 Upstreams
  • 100,000 Connections
  • 500Mbps Throughput
  • Hard-capped limits
  • 24/7/365 Global Support
Monthly Pricing


$480 /month

Aria ADC-2G is ideal for SME businesses with expanded capacity, redundancy and SLA needs.

  • Full ADC, Layer 7 Load Balancer, WAF, Cloud Controller, GSLB
  • Unlimited Upstreams
  • 25,000 RPS
  • 1,000 SSL TPS
  • 2Gbps Throughput
  • 24/7/365 Global Support
  • 1-hour response SLA
Monthly Pricing

* when billed annually

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