Intelligent Load Balancer and WAF for Kubernetes

Increase availability, security and performance in Kubernetes with Nova load balancer

Snapt Nova load balancer for Kubernetes provides load balancing, acceleration, WAF, and security. Manage hundreds of ADCs inside Kubernetes and use service discovery for routing.

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Kubernetes load balancer - Snapt Nova ADC dashboard

Key Information for Kubernetes Load Balancer

Kubernetes API

Nova load balancer integrates directly with the Kubernetes API, allowing you to connect easily and deploy ADCs automatically.

Kubernetes Service Discovery

Nova supports automated DNS-based service discovery using SRV records for IP, port, weight and more.

Kubernetes Autoscaling

Dynamically launch and destroy ADCs to fit your traffic pattern through the day, with flexible pricing to match.

Kubernetes Security and Acceleration

Far more than just a load balancer, Nova offers a full ADC suite. Protect your servers with our powerful Layer 7 WAF designed to secure microservices architectures.

Telemetry and Analytics

Nova monitors detailed container telemetry and Layer 7 load balancer stats, like latency, HTTP error rates and more.

AI & ML Enhancements

Nova's AI & ML monitors your cluster for anomalies, brute force attacks, performance issues to provide maximum load balancer availability, scalability and efficiency.

Deploy Anywhere

Nova ADCs (Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB) can run in any container, any cloud, and on any VM. Manage Kubernetes containers and AWS instances together.

Load Balancer Application Templates

Nova comes pre-packed with templates for HTTP/S, Exchange, RDP, SSL acceleration and custom TCP.

24/7/365 Support

Nova Professional and Enterprise provide global 24/7/365 support, SLA support for Enterprise customers.

Layer 7 load balancing, availability, performance and security

Intelligent load balancer and WAF for Kubernetes.

Nova ADCs (Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB) operate at Layer 7. That means an intelligent, high performance load balancer with incredible analytics, anomaly and threat detection. Nova ADC is a supercharged load balancer for Kubernetes, with far more functionality and features than any other load balancer on the market.

What does this mean for you? Easy REST APIs, open access, and plenty of developer resources allow you to explore and test at will. Added to that, with our free account you have full API access, letting you build whatever you like without any cost!


ADC for DevOps and Hyperscale

Centralized platform for controlling Kubernetes Load Balancers & WAF at scale.

Once you scale your Kubernetes platform you will need to assure visibility, performance, and reliability. These are the jobs of an ADC, but the current ADCs in the market don't "fit" in a large scale Kubernetes deployment.

Enter Nova: purpose built for large deployments, centralized management from the cloud, automation and application telemetry and visibility.


Snapt Nova ADC (Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB) with Envoy & Istio

Envoy is designed to make the network transparent to applications and their constituent services. Istio is a service mesh that helps enforce ingress and egress rules and administer service resilience policy in Kubernetes Clusters.

Snapt Nova Application Delivery Controller (Load Balancer, WAF, GSLB) provides a way to unify managing applications across multiple environments while also filling in the gaps left behind by routing controllers and service mesh technologies.
Nova takes container and cloud application delivery to the next level by providing availability, security, performance and visibility, as well as centralized control.

Nova allows you to administer the particulars of any application regardless of its framework. If you’re trying to control a cluster of legacy VMs, a Docker Swarm implementation or a set of Kubernetes clusters; Nova ADC has the flexibility to adjust to all scenarios.

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