Snapt Nova

Nova is a centrally managed, container-based ADC platform providing Layer 7 load balancing, GSLB, WAF and web acceleration. Nova is cloud-native, hyperscale and intelligent.

Snapt Aria

Layer 7 load balancing, web acceleration, WAF and global DNS load balancer. Blazing fast throughputs, high SSL TPS and runs on any cloud, VM or bare metal.

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Compare Snapt Nova and Snapt Aria. You can even try them both for free.

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Snapt Let’s Encrypt plugin

Snapt's ADC platforms include a free Lets Encrypt plugin allowing you to use Let’s Encrypt certificates automatically.

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Key Information


Set-Up Snapt Aria or Nova

Create an account for either platform. You can try Aria free for 14 days or Nova free for up to 5 nodes.


Configure your ADC

Create an SSL ADC to receive, validate and renew certificates over HTTP.


Get the Let's Encrypt Certificate

Select and configure the certificate on the ADC. 



The Let's Encrypt plugin automatically provisions and renews the certificate for the entire Snapt ADC.

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