Counter Platform Abuse With Threat Intelligence

Hosting companies, public clouds, and ISPs of any size can easily identify and remove compromised hosts, platform abuse, and network abuse including spammers, data harvesters, and botnets.


Target Platform Abuse In Your Network

NovaSense detects platform abuse and network abuse for hosting companies, public clouds, and ISPs, including spammers, data harvesters, and botnets using hosted infrastructure to attack others. NovaSense provides detailed reports of infected, compromised, and malicious hosts.

This allows abuse response teams to remove abusive hosts, reducing their compute and bandwidth usage and ensuring compliance as part of their anti-abuse strategy.


Threat Level Analysis

Quickly see the number of threats and abusers on your platform or network, and your total risk score.

NovaSense identifies which IP addresses on your platform are abusive, the level of risk they represent, their observed behavior, how long they have been abusive, and more.


NovaSense AI and Real-Time Intelligence

NovaSense collates threat data from multiple sources including OSINT, honeypots, HTTPd web apps, and more, and maps commonalities between attacks on the NovaSense sensors.

This data is fed into the machine learning engine for classification, scoring, and enrichment by the NovaSense AI.

NovaSense updates thousands of times per hour, ensuring you receive up-to-date information, including zero-day threat signals. Our algorithm gives immediate scores based on hundreds of vectors.


Flexible Data and Seamless Integration Power Your Workflow

NovaSense's threat data is as easy to work with as any modern application, so you can fit threat intelligence into your workflow and your architecture.

Access the whole threat list, not just one IP address at a time. Use the open API, export in multiple formats, connect with your SIEM platform, or integrate with your Snapt Nova WAF or Aria WAF for fully automated defense.


What makes NovaSense so powerful?

Pre-Emptive Defence

NovaSense provides threat feeds that allow you to pre-emptively block hosts that the NovaSense system is blocking. This allows you to mitigate cybercrime, DDoS, spam, and hacking attempts immediately and efficiently.

Smart Threat Prediction

NovaSense uses machine learning to classify and score threat data, then enriches the data with host, location, network, attack information, and more. NovaSense is self-learning and updates continually to produce highly accurate threat predictions.

Accurate Threat Data

NovaSense ingests real-time threat data from global third-party sources and from Snapt’s own network of Nova WAF and Aria WAF nodes. NovaSense updates thousands of times every hour to provide accurate and high frequency data that’s unavailable anywhere else.

Seamless Integration

NovaSense integrates with SIEM platforms providing your threat response teams with detailed insights. Integration with Snapt’s Nova WAF and Aria WAF provides seamless threat intelligence and response to your application security workflow.

Ready to get started?

Supercharge your platform's anti-abuse strategy with NovaSense threat intelligence for abuse response teams.