Microsoft RDS & RDP Load Balancer

High-performance remote desktop load balancer to ensure the performance, reliability, and security of your Microsoft Remote Desktop Services (RDS) or other RDP application.


Designed for Microsoft Azure and Hyper-V

Snapt is a Microsoft partner and certified for Azure. Snapt comes pre-configured to load balance Microsoft Remote Desktop Services RDS/RDP, on Hyper-V, Azure, or any cloud platform.

Rest easy knowing that thousands of customers run Snapt on Microsoft and Azure infrastructure, and we are trusted by brands such as NASA, Target, and MTV.


High-Performance Microsoft RDS/RDP Load Balancer and Security

Snapt understands remote desktop. That means per-user load balancing, intelligent health checking, and built-in reporting, with full support for modern RDS/RDP technologies.

Snapt is not just a TCP load balancer, forwarding data like a router. It's an intelligent, powerful, and secure system that will ensure your users receive the best Remote Desktop experience possible, and that you can scale as you need.

Snapt's modern architecture provides high throughput and high RPS while using a very small resource footprint in your data center or cloud infrastructure.


Easy and Flexible RDS/RDP Configuration

With a few clicks, you can deploy RDS/RDP load balancing and security into any cloud, VM, container, or traditional environment including Azure and Hyper-V.

Snapt has quick and easy wizards to help you set up load balancing between as many RDS/RDP servers as you require. Many more advanced options are available so you can customize your perfect setup.

Snapt comes pre-loaded with load balancer templates for RDS, RDWeb, Terminal Services, and more.


Analytics and Intelligence

Visibility, analytics, and automation are critical functions in modern enterprise IT. Snapt Aria and Nova feature full telemetry, metrics, reports, and alerts.

You can receive notifications via email, Slack, webhook and more, and can control the entire platform via REST API, including statistics retrieval.

Exclusive to Snapt Nova, our AI and machine learning engine monitors and analyzes every single request that gets passed to your remote desktop infrastructure, looking for performance issues, threats, or traffic spikes.

Optional integration with NovaSense brings fast and accurate threat intelligence directly into your Aria or Nova load balancer and web application firewall for pre-emptive cyber security defense.


Simple, yet powerful

Snapt is easy to configure and includes everything you need for Microsoft RDS/RDP and more.

Set-Up In Minutes

It takes less than 5 minutes to create an account, set up Snapt, and start load balancing your Microsoft RDS infrastructure. When you need to scale or migrate, it's even faster.

RDS Security and Observability

Powerful Layer 7 security, unified telemetry and reporting, smart alerts, and pre-emptive threat intelligence protect your RDS infrastructure from errors, slow performance, and attacks.

More Than RDS / RDP Load Balancing

Snapt supports load balancing, securing, and accelerating any TCP/UDP content. Improve your Exchange and IIS deployments, along with your entire infrastructure.

Affordable, Scalable, and Free To Try

Snapt can grow with your company. Start small and scale as you grow. You can test the full Snapt product for free, and our engineers can help you run a free POC for evaluation.

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