SSL Termination with Snapt ADCs

Snapt Aria and Snapt Nova software ADCs support SSL termination, including integration with Let’s Encrypt for automatic generation and renewal of SSL certificates. Get up to 3X faster SSL performance and an A+ rating with Snapt’s SSL offloading.

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Blazing fast throughputs

Powerful and high performance software load balancers and accelerators supporting 100,000+ RPS, and 10,000+SSL TPS per node.

Automatic A+ SSL Rating

Get up to 3X faster SSL performance and an A+ rating. Reduce the load on your web servers by 10-20x.

Re-write, cache and compress content

Automatically minify and combine JavaScript, CSS, HTML and more. Transparently re-write your website for 50-80% better performance.

Let’s Encrypt

Snapt allows you to automatically provision and renews Let's Encrypt SSL certificates on your ADCs, ensuring that SSL is easy to manage and deploy, and saving you money.

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SSL Offloading

Snapt ADCs have full SSL offloading capabilities. This allows you to terminate SSL, reducing the load on your web servers by 10-20x. Alternatively, re-encode to enhance your application performance. Our high-speed caching enables up to millions of SSL TPS.

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SSL Offloading - Nova Backends Dashboard

Powerful Web Acceleration

Accelerate your website with our powerful HTTP/S web acceleration, to offload your servers, improve page load times and get A+ SSL ratings.

Offload your servers and decrease website load times with the high-speed caching system. Automatically rewrite your content to minify, compress and re-encode, resulting in a drastic speed increase. Intelligently adjust expiry times, content settings, compression and more with minimal effort. Transparently supercharge your site with full HTTP/2 support and A+ SSL ratings.

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Supports SSL Re-Encryption

In highly secure environments, you might need to re-encrypt decrypted SSL traffic before sending it to the backend application service. Snapt ADCs support the re-encryption of SSL traffic, providing all the performance benefits in even the most secure enterprise environments.