High Performance UDP Load Balancer

Make your UDP applications highly available and scalable with Snapt Aria's UDP load balancer.

Snapt Aria is a high performance UDP load balancer, capable of functioning as a full load balancer for DNS, IKEv2, RDP, and many more UDP applications.

Scale your UDP applications within minutes!

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UDP Load Balancer For Remote Desktop Services / VDI

A load balancer is a key component in the availability and scalability of remote desktop applications and in the VDI infrastructure responsible for distributing users uniformly across multiple data centers and VDI endpoints. A load balancer is essential for handling bursts of incoming users.

For an optimal load balancing experience with VDI and remote desktop services, you need a load balancer that supports both RDP and UDP. Aria supports both and provides wizards to set up a remote desktop load balancer in minutes.


DNS Load Balancer

High performance DNS load balancing is a key offering of the Snapt Aria UDP load balancer. Quickly scale your DNS infrastructure up to millions of requests per second with Aria's highly scalable solution.

Aria supports TCP and UDP load balancing, allowing you to handle any workload.

Are you looking for a global DNS load balancing solution? Learn about the Snapt GSLB.


More UDP Load Balancer Features

Snapt Aria is a comprehensive UDP load balancer.

Tight Config Control

Customize UDP timeouts, expected responses, health checks and more easily and simply.

Full ADC Solution

Benefit from the entire Snapt Aria ADC solution including security, load balancing, and acceleration.

Includes Full GSLB

Aria includes a full high performance global server load balancer, allowing you to scale to multiple locations.

High performance

Aria can load balance millions of UDP requests per second, scaling up with your requirements.

Supercharge your UDP.
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