Load Balancers and Security for Video Game Development and Live Services

Snapt's software and cloud native ADCs (Load Balancer, Web Acceleration and WAF) are designed by gamers for game developers. Enhance user experience and boost revenue with blazing fast performance, no downtime, protection against security breaches and faster time-to-market.

For online and competitive games, downtime, poor performance and security breaches equal lost revenue, low adoption and reputational damage. Game developers and publishers need to ensure a fast, reliable and secure user experience.

Meanwhile, scaling infrastructure to provide live services for millions of players can be complex and expensive. Game developers need a platform that enables faster delivery at massive scale and keeps costs under control.

Since 2011 with thousands of customers worldwide Snapt has been helping game and e-commerce companies improve user experience and security. Book a call with one of our specialists to discuss your specific game development and distribution use cases.

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Load Balancers and Security for Video Game Development and Live Services

Key Information: Video Game Development and Service Delivery

Decreases Downtime

Snapt provides increased redundancy and high availability, maintains uptime during traffic surges and detects anomalies before your site goes down.

Supports Any Platform

Supports private cloud, hybrid and bare metal implementations. Any cloud, architecture, location or platform. Future-proof your application services and decrease TCO.

Provides Resilience and Confidence

Best-in-class GSLB network has 25 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you are ready for multiple cloud regions and automatic failover at no extra cost.

Minimizes Game Latency

UDP and TCP acceleration and caching minimize latency so players suffer less lag at critical moments.

Speeds Time to Market

Support multi-cloud load balancing and CI/CD workflows. Quickly spin up, test and scale on any/many clouds.

Enables Massive Scalability

Dynamically launch and destroy ADCs to fit your changing traffic patterns throughout the day. Never get caught out by surging demand on launch day.

The Challenge of Delivering Games as Live Services

Video game delivery is shifting away from packaged games and toward 24/7 live services with public betas, continuous updates and patches, online multiplayer, streaming, in-line chat and voice communication, and user-generated content. This growth has put enormous stress on the infrastructure and processes for application delivery.

Game developers need to deliver faster, at greater scale, and increasingly with the involvement of the end user. This requires optimized CI/CD pipelines; rapid scale-out of development resources and deployed services across multiple clouds; the ability to handle new media streaming, messaging and game data shared by users; and the means to keep user and transactional data secure.

Game devs need a new solution for application delivery that enables this transition. Snapt Nova is an application delivery platform optimized for the needs of game development, deployment and live service delivery.

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Latency, Latency Latency

Industry statistics show that even small delays in end-user experience can result in massive game abandonment.

  • Gamers are twice as likely to abandon a game with a network delay of 500 milliseconds or more.
  • A 2-second delay in processing transactions can result in 87% abandonment rates.
  • Eighty-one percent of gamers abandon a page when it doesn't load immediately.

Nova enables infrastructure best practices for latency reduction, resulting in a better end-user experience.


Run Fast, Run Big

Nova is architected to increase availability, performance and scale.

Nova makes it easy to connect to new nodes and to multiple clouds simultaneously, enabling IT architects to follow best practices in scaling and resilience.

Nova’s autoscaling technology allows you to keep up with demand with no manual operation. Nova will automatically scale-out new ADCs (providing load balancing, acceleration and WAF-based security) as demand increases, or if it detects that resources are constrained or that performance is dropping.

Nova Autoscaler Dashboard

Serve Global Customers

Your customers might come from all over the world. For the best performance, you need to connect them to local resources.

Nova features intelligent DNS addresses that allow global multi-location traffic routing. Nova’s Active-Active Multi-Cloud redundancy routes users intelligently between cloud providers and reroutes users automatically to handle disaster recovery or performance degradations.

Serve Global Customers - Nova Waf Dashboard

Control Costs

Running in multiple clouds and responding to changing demand can result in escalating costs and overprovisioning.

Nova can distribute load between multiple clouds, and easily scale-out resources in the cheapest connected cloud provider and scale-in where resources become more expensive. Nova can also scale-in automatically in response to shrinking user demand – or by predicting periods of lower demand using machine learning and predictive analytics.

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Protect Your Services and Players

Games are collecting more user data and processing more transactional data than ever before. Keeping this data and these processes secure is one of your top priorities.

Nova protects your transactional and user data from malicious users and traffic, including DoS, threats, botnets, data leaks and application attacks, so you can provide a trusted experience for your users.

The Nova WAF is centrally managed and uses patent pending near-zero latency communications for immediate ADC node feedback, and then applies ML-enabled predictive analytics and AI-based autonomous decision-making to automatically configure security and send alerts. It provides the most robust ADC security on the market.

Nova Waf Logs Dashboard